Solar power for agricultural and commerical

Lower and fix your operating costs for generations to come

As you plow away at your land and conduct your daily business routine, Global Energy is here to work for you and help you achieve success.

Agricultural and commercial solar projects yield the highest ROI, have the most tax benefits (up to 75%), and can nearly eliminate your electricity bill for orchards, farms, dairies, and commercial businesses. Global Energy optimizes solar solutions that fit inline with your business practices, stabilizing and fixing your bottom line, which in turn maximizes growth opportunities.

The Global Energy Advantage

  • Seasoned solar professionals who apply their expertise to design highly efficient, sustainable projects across California
  • Managed construction services with environmental awareness in mind
  • Extensive warranty coverage and system maintenance that signifies our approach to a long term partnership
  • Meticulously developed financial solutions that ensure a path to long term stability and amplify savings for your farm and/or business, even when faced with unpredictable utility rate increases
  • We tailor solutions to you such as taking properties with multiple electrical meters and building one solar system to cover all meters